Alfresco 6.x magyar nyelvi lokalizáció

Alfresco 6.x magyar nyelvi lokalizáció

Elkészültünk az Alfresco 6-os (Alfresco 6.2-GA) verzióihoz tartozó lokalizációval, mely az Alfresco Content Services és az Alfresco Share magyar nyelvű üzeneteit tartalmazza.

Alfresco Community Edition 201911 GA Release Notes

These release notes provide information for the 201911 GA release of Alfresco Community Edition containing the Alfresco Content Repository 6.2.0-ga. This release contains all fixes completed from the release of Alfresco Content Services through November of 2019.

We believe that this release is ready for the GA label because:

  • It has all the features we expect to add in the 6.2 series of releases. We have received positive feedback on the 201910 EA release suggesting that people are successful with them.
  • Our release readiness testing team have successfully completed their Enterprise Edition testing cycles adding confidence. The Enterprise Edition shares much of its code with this Community Edition release.
  • This will be the only Community GA release following the ACS 6.2 Enterprise GA on the 21-Nov.

Az Alfresco 6.x kiadásokhoz tartozó magyar nyelvi lokalizáció letöltése:

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