NeMo specifications and design going forward in Budapest

NeMo specifications and design going forward in Budapest

Work-Package 2 of NeMo, which deals with specifications, reference architecture and functional design, is advancing well following an internal workshop hosted by NeMo partner BroadBit in Budapest on 22-23 May 2017. 


This builds on key outputs from WP1 including use cases, actors’ requirements, interoperability requirements, and technological and market developments.

The Budapest workshop allowed partners to brainstorm and agree on the key functions and design elements of the NeMo Electromobility Hyper-Network. It was also a very good opportunity to clarify some points and build a common vision. It defines the way we will collaborate during this Work-Package.

Next steps have been defined and actions have been allocated to contributors. They are mainly to complete deliverables on technical specifications for NeMo development and integration (D2.1), and on functional design and reference architecture of the Hyper-Network.

The ten-minute video below from BroadBit includes some NeMo partner interviews a follows:

  • From 0:35 Andras Kovacs (BroadBit) interviews WP2 leader Jean-Marc Rives (Gireve) about the contribution of NeMo towards using EVs in a cross-border environment.
  • From 5:37 Andras Kovacs interviews NeMo project manager Villy Portouli (ICCS) about the NeMo consortium and vision.
  • From 8:16 Villy Portouli interviews Andras Kovacs (leader of the specifications task in WP2) about the importance of standardised data interfaces.